If you pay attention, you learn things

Novel concept.

When we asked people what they used to help relieve their muscles, here's what we found:

  • Tennis balls
  • The back of a chair
  • Frequent massages
  • Smashing up against a chunk of round foam

The most common? Lacrosse balls.

SUVIUS was founded by a father and son pair.  Both of us have spent most of our careers working at a desk, and both of us made things worse by carrying our stress in our shoulders.

We understand the allure of a lacrosse ball.

We understand the allure of smashing your back against a chunk of foam.

Smashing, however, is not the same as soothing.

Save the lacrosse balls for lacrosse and treat your body with vibration. It's faster, more comfortable, and doesn't give anyone else in your living room the impression you're in agony.